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Catering directly to customers need and demands for quality electlical appliances over the years has given us new insights into not only fulfilling but creating new makes of the series product. Creating a lead brand has been easy as we have set parameters keeping in mind our variety of customers, and their changing altitudes and life Styles

Our modular series is molded from IN stabilized polycarbonate raw material so there is no chance of fading cobr even if subjected to direct sunlight which is exclusive flame retardant Levan polycarbonate from SABIC Innovative plastics (USA)

Quality is not just a standard WM us; It is our promise of ultimate customer satisfaction, evident with the 151 standard certification. At Prompt, we realize the importance of getting into closer perspective wits our customers. Our manufachning units ore stylized to produce complete customized product solutions keeping in mind- guarantee of customer satisfaction

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